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New Developments at PAASS

By April 20, 2015 No Comments

In recent weeks, PAASS has had many new developments. We have begun to pilot a swimming program in partnership with the Mill Valley Parks and Recreation Department. On March 15th, we also had our first ever PAASS hike at Tennessee Valley Beach (more hikes will be coming up soon). Please see our “Programs” page for more information on either of these activities. This weekend we will have our first-ever practice with the Dominican Basketball Team. A huge Thank You to all Dominican players and coaches for their support. Also on May 3rd, we will be having our “Challenger Day.” The Mill Valley Red Sox will be playing two simultaneous games against Novato and San Francisco at Boyle Park at 1:30pm. The snack shack will be open, NBC Bay Area will be filming the event, and there will be information available about our program. We have extended invitations to the Mill Valley Little League, the Mill Valley City Council, and to all of the Mill Valley Community in an effort to raise awareness and support for our program and players.