Thanks to our wonderful volunteers

By December 5, 2014 No Comments

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful volunteers. I have been very happy to see so many enthusiastic emails from people interested in the program. I cannot wait to see you all on January 11th. So far I have heard from about twelve people who want to help out at the Old Mill Gym and six who want to help at the YMCA.  Our volunteers will be supporting thirteen players at the Old Mill Gym and twelve at the YMCA. However, PAASS is always looking to expand. Please, spread the word, post to social media, and talk the program up to your friends. We need as many buddies as possible. I have reached out to the Athletic Director at Dominican University, with the hopes that the basketball teams at the school may be able to volunteer at some of our practices. Earlier in the year I also reached out to the Pacifics, an amateur baseball team based out of San Rafael and the team showed interest in helping out at a few practices! These are exciting new developments. I expect there will be more…